LG brevetta un display VR che riduce l’effetto screen-door


LG contro lo screen-door effect, non aumentando la risoluzione, ma con una tecnica nuova:

“It doesn’t sound like LG’s new display targets resolution, though. Instead, the patent describes a “light diffusion member” that is placed between the display panel and the lenses. In the patent’s words, this “diffuses light emitted from a light-transmitting area of a display panel to a light-blocking area of the display panel” and “improves the image quality of the display.””

LG patents VR display that tackles the screen-door effect

Current displays for VR headsets enable us to peer into virtual worlds with ease, but there’s plenty of room for improvement. According to a recently discovered patent, LG is taking aim at one of t…

l’ambilight del vr 😀

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