Controller strani e mode passeggere, il punto di Jeff Vogel


Il buon vecchio Jeff Vogel (per chi non lo conoscesse, il tizio che col suo post ha dato il via allo stridor di denti dell’indiepocalypse: dice la sua sui vari controller fuffa che si sono avvicendati sul mercato, dal Wiimote alle chitarrine di Guitar Hero, passando per Balance Board e Kinect.

“Most fad controllers fail for one of a few simple reasons:”

“1. They just aren’t precise enough to support more than a few crude, simple games. (e.g. Wiimote. Wii Fit Board. Kinect.)”

“2. The controls are precise, but the games you can play on them turn out to not be that interesting. (e.g. Any music game ever.)”

“3. Even if it’s a decent controller and a cool idea, it’s tied to one platform, so no major developer ever bothers with it. (e.g. Wii U Tablet. Also, did you know that big pad in the middle of a PS4 controller is a full touch pad and you can do little drawings on it and stuff? It’s OK, nobody else did either. Why would any developer who supports more than one console ever use that feature?)”

“4. The controller requires getting up off the couch. I’m not doing that. (e.g. Almost every fad controller.)”

Ovviamente, essendo Jeff Vogel, non manca neanche un po’ di pessimismo riguardo alla VR (anche se non è che i caschetti siano proprio accomunabili a motion controller e compagnia cantante).

Per finire, una botta pure al capitalismo globalizzato:

“I mean, seriously, isn’t it amazing? Factories in China made millions and millions of shoddy plastic drum sets. They were shipped across an entire ocean and delivered to households in America, where they were played for probably 2-3 songs and then thrown in a dumpster somewhere.”

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Non é solo triste quello che scrive ma anche come lo scrive e il perché lo scrive.


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Perché lo ha scritto?

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