Ron Gilbert ci spiega “il misterioso mondo dei budget dei videogiochi”


In occasione dell’uscita di Thimbleweed Park, Gamasutra ha ripubblicato questo post di Ron Gilbert in persona, che parla delle difficoltà che si incontrano nel gestire il budget del proprio gioco, partendo proprio dalla sua esperienza con Thimbleweed Park.

“Please be respectful that we’re sharing a lot of information with you, not only to be transparent, but also to educate and inform. This is how games are made, they take time, cost money and it’s a very messy process.”

The Mysterious World of Game Budgets
Budgeting a game is hard, and based on how few indie developers do it, you’d think it was harder than making the actually game. They might be right. In this blog post, I explore the budget for our…

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