#GDC17: Nuovi dettagli su Game Mode per Windows 10 e sul programma Xbox Live Creator


Durante un talk di Eric Walston (Xbox Advanced Technology Group) alla GDC sono emersi nuovi dettagli sul Game Mode di Windows 10 e sulle limitazioni dei giochi che faranno parte del programma Xbox Live Creators (ovvero i nuovi XBLIG).

Ecco come funzionerà il Game Mode di Windows 10:

“On the CPU side, Game Mode allocates a majority of the CPU’s cores to be devoted exclusively to the target game, so an eight-core system might get six gaming-dedicated cores when running in Game Mode (depending on what other processes are running). The system then moves threads devoted to other processes off of those gaming-focused cores, reducing thread contention among the various gaming process threads and improving performance.”

“On the GPU side, Windows already gives the bulk of processing time to whichever window is in focus at any specific point. In Game Mode, though, the system gives an even greater majority of GPU cycles to the active game, reducing the time available for everything else. Game Mode also gives favorable GPU memory residency to assets associated with the game, resulting in smoother performance and the ability to show more detail on the same hardware, Walston said.”

Ed ecco invece le limitazioni dei giochi Xbox Live Creators:

“Apparently, though, those apps have to fit in a pretty tight “app performance envelope” to run on the Xbox One. According to Walston, UWP apps and games can only use four the Xbox One’s eight shared CPU cores, 50 percent of the system’s GPU power, and just 1GB out of 8GB of system memory.”

How “Game Mode” will make games run better on Windows

Plus details on strict limitations for UWP apps running on the Xbox One.

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