Microsoft ha annunciato il suo GVFS (Git Virtual File System)


Microsoft ha presentato un filesystem che scarica e carica automaticamente e alla bisogna i file dei repository

“Today, we’re introducing GVFS (Git Virtual File System), which virtualizes the file system beneath your repo and makes it appear as though all the files in your repo are present, but in reality only downloads a file the first time it is opened. GVFS also actively manages how much of the repo Git has to consider in operations like checkout and status, since any file that has not been hydrated can be safely ignored. And because we do this all at the file system level, your IDEs and build tools don’t need to change at all!”

(Via Slashdot:

Announcing GVFS (Git Virtual File System)
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bella roba!

Ha! Lol. Abbiamo una cosa identica, in house, ma per perfoce. Solo che e’ mejo perche’ fa anche molto altro (caching e rimpiazza i proxy di p4 per avere una performaaaans migliore).

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