Google ha aperto la creazione di app per Daydream a tutti i developer


Google ha aperto i cancelli di Daydream: se prima solo un gruppo di developer selezionati potevano sviluppare app per la piattaforma, adesso l’accesso è libero per tutti, a patto di seguire le linee guida indicate dalla casa madre.

“Google has opened the doors for all developers creating apps along the company’s guidelines to submit. The change in policy could dramatically shift momentum in mobile VR, with Samsung recently announcing it sold five million Gear VRs to date as we wondered whether Daydream was off to a rough start. Many of Daydream’s apps were showing very small install numbers.”

Google lets developers submit Daydream virtual reality apps
For its first few months of availability, Google only worked with a select group of developers on Daydream-compatible apps. While the approach allowed Google to work closely with partners and…

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