Qualche consiglio di marketing per indie alle prime armi


Strategie semplici semplici per i developer indie che vogliono fare marketing del proprio gioco. In buona sostanza, il post suggerisce di andare a scaglioni – trovare prima un follower, poi dieci, poi cento, e così via, usando strategie diverse e adatte a ogni passo. Le basi, ma non tutti le sanno!

“Remember, marketing isn’t hard – it’s just a different way of thinking. As a developer, you desire an absolute path with predictable results…but that’s just not how it works. In marketing, you do things and see how well they work. Then you iterate on the successful things until you achieve your objective. You can’t let the failures block your ability to see the minor successes.”

Promote Your Indie Game After Development | Headlamp Studios

If you ignored marketing all through the development process, don’t despair. All of the same philosophies and strategies apply when you attempt to promote your indie game post-dev. It may actually be…

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