Swords of Calengal, uno Zelda-like fatto in Italia


Ciao, ragazzi! Swords of Calengal continua ad andare avanti. Oggi ci tengo a mostrarvi le prime prove sulle finestre di dialogo!

Swords of Calengal

Thank you everyone for 500 likes!

2017 was a fantastic year for us. We created 3 playable demo, many of you played them and started to follow us. We are proud of our progresses so far and we expect to bring those news to you soon:

– A new map exploration system.
– The first fully explorable city.
– Menu, equipment and skills.
– Two new enemies.
– One new zone.
– Announcing a new collaboration.
– A public downloadable demo.

Expect all of his content coming for the next three months. Keep following us and spreads the voice of Calengal’s heroes!

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