HTC VIVE Pro: annunciato il nuovo modello dell’headset per la realtà virtuale


HTC ha presentato una nuova versione del suo VIVE al CES 2018:

“Vive Pro is a new HMD upgrade from Vive, built for VR enthusiasts and enterprise users who want the best display and audio for their VR experiences. Vive Pro includes dual-OLED displays for a crisp picture resolution of 2880 x 1600 combined, a 78% increase in resolution over the current Vive HMD.”

Annunciato anche un adattatore wireless:

“The Vive Wireless Adaptor features Intel’s WiGig technology and offers a premium VR wireless experience that operates in the interference-free 60Ghz band, which means lower latency and better performance. The Vive Wireless Adaptor will ship in Q3 to customers worldwide.”

(Via Reddit:

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