“Obscure Steam games and digging for Hidden Gems”


Un tizio ha creato un algoritmo per scovare le “gemme nascoste” su Steam. Tutti a provare Wuppo!

Obscure Steam games and digging for Hidden Gems

Looking through Steam game data for little-known but highly-rated games, seeing what can be found and how common it really is to have a great game that doesn’t sell.

Review counts used here are the ones Steam counts in its overall rating, which at the time of writing is only Steam reviews where the game was purchased directly on Steam. Reviews don’t count for users who just activated a key on Steam – this is a measure by Valve to prevent shady developers gaming the system.

Umihara Kawase e 868-Hack! comunque su una delle liste appare anche Doom&Destiny

e dei Blackwell a caso

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