Game Happens torna il 23 e il 24 giugno a Genova


Sono aperte le vendite dei biglietti per il Game Happens, che torna anche quest’anno il 23 e 24 giugno a Genova.

Annunciati anche i primi tre speaker della manifestazione: Paolo Pedercini, Meg Jayanth e Rob Morgan.

Paolo Pedercini: he teaches experimental game design and media production courses at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Art. He is mostly known for his radical videogaming project Molleindustria.”

Meg Jayanth: writer and freelance digital producer in London. She wrote 80 Days for iOS, published by Inkle and Profile Books. With over half a million words of story, 150 cities to visit and over 10,000 choices, it’s one of the most complex interactive narratives ever written.”

Rob Morgan: game writer, narrative designer and voice director. He has written and designed interactive narratives for platinum-selling console titles and award-winning browser, mobile and ARG projects. He is currently “digital dramaturge” on an Augmented Reality site-specific audio theatre piece for a major London tech Festival.”

Il tema di questa quarta edizione sarà la relazione tra performance ed esperienza:

Game Happens returns for a fourth edition to investigate the relationship between performance and experience, theatre and virtual reality, narrative and environmental design, stage and backstage.

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Venite numerosi!

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