Nidium, un ambiente di sviluppo JavaScript cross-platform


Un nuovo engine per creare app e giochi basati su JavaScript e facilmente esportabili su desktop, web, mobile, e così via:

“nidium is an ongoing effort for a general purpose rendering engine to create apps and games that run on both desktop and mobile. It also offers a way to create server-side applications through nidium-server which shares all the non graphics related code base.”

L’idea è di avere un ambiente facilmente hackabile per lo sviluppo di questo tipo di applicazioni:

“What problem(s) is nidium trying to solve”

“To put it simply, nidium aims to expose something close to web technology but in an easily hackable environment.”

“We’re not trying to copy the Web. Think of it as a sandbox where you can quickly prototype new things, without any dependency to blink/webkit (e.g. like Electron does). This allows us to add various optimizations and non standard things. Moreover, nidium is small (nidium statically linked with all of its dependencies is about 20 MB).”

“Also, nidium aims to target a large spectrum of devices and our short term goal is to run it on low-power devices (mobile, rpi, …)”

“By the way, it uses SpiderMonkey as its JavaScript engine, and we believe that Mozilla needs some love too!”

L’engine è ancora nelle sue fasi iniziali e mancano alcune feature chiave, tra cui il supporto a Windows: per ora gira solo su Linux e OSX. Se vi piace l’idea però…

Nidium is not NodeJS, QT, Chromium, or a WebKit derivate. It helps you create graphical softwares with JavaScript. It has been designed from scratch and has a small codebase written in C++.

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