“GPU Performance for Game Artists”


Un po’ di nozioni tecniche di base su GPU e rendering orientate ai game artist, e volte a spiegargli come meglio ottimizzare i propri modelli 3D in modo da ridurne al massimo l’impatto sulle performance del gioco. Utile anche per graphics programmer alle prime armi!

“To appreciate the impact that your art has on the game’s performance, you need to know how a mesh makes its way from your modelling package onto the screen in the game. That means having an understanding of the GPU – the chip that powers your graphics card and makes real-time 3D rendering possible in the first place. Armed with that knowledge, we’ll look at some common art-related performance issues, why they’re a problem, and what you can do about it.”

(Via Reddit: http://bit.ly/2mSS3gD)

GPU Performance for Game Artists

Performance is everybody’s responsibility, no matter what your role. When it comes to the GPU, 3D programmers have a lot of control over performance; we can optimize shaders, trade image quality for…

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