Strategya diventa partner di Gamera e l’aiuterà a raggiungere i suoi obiettivi di sviluppo


Gamera Interactive di Alberto Belli è entrata in società con Strategya, società di pianificazione economico finanziaria anch’essa del padovano:

‘“Partnering with Strategya is crucial for us to increase our success rate, being able to reduce risks, make the best investments and adapt our business model to such a dynamic market as the videogame market is. The support that Strategya will grant to us is usually difficult to have for a start-up in its early stage and it will allow Gamera to rapidly scale in the market ensuring we meet our three-year growth targets” said Alberto Belli, Founder & CEO at Gamera Interactive.’

‘“This is the first project of direct investment in a start-up equity for our company and our objective is to support Gamera Interactive with our expertise. We strongly believe in Gamera and in its business idea and that is why we are investing in it to help ensuring the proper development of the business” said Maurizio Castelli, CEO at Strategya.’

Oltre ad aiutare Gamera a crescere e a tenere i conti in ordine, Strategya aiuterà anche nel servizio di consulenza che Gamera stessa propone agli studi indie emergenti.

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