AMD ha svelato Vega, la sua nuova architettura capace di indirizzare fino a 512 terabyte di memoria


“Vega has the most scalable GPU memory architecture built to date with 512TB of address space. It also has a new geometry pipeline tuned for more performance and better efficiency with over 2X peak throughput per clock, a new Compute Unit design, and a revamped pixel engine. The pixel engine features a new draw stream binning rasterizer (DSBR), which reportedly improves performance and saves power.”

AMD Unveils Vega GPU Architecture With 512 Terabytes of Memory Address Space – Slashdot
MojoKid writes: AMD lifted the veil on its next generation GPU architecture, codenamed Vega, this morning. One of the underlying forces behind Vega’s design is that conventional GPU architectures…

La aspettiamo sul campo, dove non si combatte a cazzate ma a fatti.

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