ci spiega come funziona la curation sul suo store


In quest’epoca di freddi algoritmi e ambigue intelligenze artificiali, fa ancora la curation a mano, quella bella di una volta!

“If you’ve kept up with the curation debate in games, you’re probably familiar with the trend toward replacing human choices with algorithms. To put it bluntly: We’re not super interested in that. One of the things we’re proudest of is the diversity in the community on and the diversity in the games hosted on the site. An over-reliance on algorithms typically narrows down recommendations to only the most “profitable” games and has historically worked to the detriment of marginalized groups. We don’t want that. Reliance on algorithms also allows bad actors to game the system. We also don’t want that. So we do things the old fashioned way: most of the content on our front page at any given time is hand-picked by someone on staff.”

(Via Reddit:

How we Curate –
Alright gang, pull up a seat and let’s talk about the number one topic on the hearts and minds of children everywhere: curation. If you’re unaware already, curation in this context is the act of s

“Quandio c’era lui gli algoritmi si chiamavano per nome e facevano la pausa caffè !” ;^)

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