Xydonia si mostra con un nuovo teaser per la Milan Games Week


Nuovo teaserino per Xydonia, lo shmup old-school degli italiani di Breaking Bytes, che sarà presente prossimamente a Modena Nerd (16-17 settembre) e alla Milan Games Week (29 settembre – 1 ottobre).

Come procede lo sviluppo?

“Pretty serious, unexpected personal issues have come up in our lives, and the game’s development has inevitably slowed down slightly, therefore the backer-exclusive build we’re currently preparing isn’t quite ready yet.”

“We decided to push back its release date because we don’t want to give you a buggy, unrefined mess, but something that resembles a slice of the final product. A solid gameplay and a polished presentation are our main priorities, and always will be – even during these WIP stages – so we ask you to bear with us.”

“Don’t worry though! You won’t have to wait much longer: we’ll try our best to finish the job ASAP.”

(Via Kickstarter: http://kck.st/2wOv6T6)

tantissima roba.

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