Waveform, un tool per generare grafica procedurale utile a prototipare


Programmer Art addio con questo nuovo tool:

“Waveform is designed for developers who don’t have the time to create 3D artwork for their project. It simplifies art creation into programmable blocks and 2D curves, allowing developers to create better “programmer art”.”

“Being able to quickly UV, rig, animate and attach a ragdoll to a 3D model in a day, opposed to weeks, is a huge game changer. It allows the programmer to quickly get back to concentrating on writing the game mechanics, but while still being able to use functional art pieces in their prototype. Additionally the non-destructive workflow means that, like programming, they can change any part of the process at any time, and let Waveform simply re-generate the final output for them.”

(Via GameDev.net: http://bit.ly/2uRHpdw)


Take your programmer art to the next level

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