The Ultimate Reading List for Developers, il listone di tutti i listoni


Questo tizio ha preso 18 liste di “libri che ogni developer dovrebbe leggere” e ha fatto un mega listone definitivo di libri per developer mettendoli in ordine da quelli che apparivano più volte nelle liste a quelli che invece venivano menzionati meno.

“I decided to do some digging and come up with as many lists as I could (18 lists were found) and make one “ultimate” list by ranking these books by number of appearances.”

“The full list contains 139 books and can be found via the link on the bottom of the page. The books featured in this post are the top books from that huge list. Got suggestions for other lists not included in the sources? Leave a comment and I’ll add it.”

(Via Reddit:

The Ultimate Reading List for Developers
I’ve been a software developer for some time now. I started with web development in 2004, moved to a full stack position in 2009 and began…

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