“Create your own Game Engine but don’t ever use it”


Se volete divertirvi e imparare creando un vostro engine ok, ma se dovete realizzare un gioco, meglio non perdere tempo e usare qualcosa di già fatto (secondo questi dev australiani!):

“Should you create your own game engine from scratch? We’d say that it’s a great experience if you want to expand you knowledge on how game engines work from a fundamental level. When using one of these monolithic pieces of software, it is often helpful to understand the quirks with real-time rendering to understand how best to design your games and graphics to achieve high framerates. Don’t however start creating a game engine with the expectation that it can compete with commercial engines. If an engine exists out there that has all the functionality you desire, it’s probably best to use that instead.”

Create your own Game Engine but don’t ever use it

We are the Blind Mystics, a pair of indie game devs from Australia which have been working on starting a (very) small game development business for over 3 years, having published our first game – L

Per favore, non create il vostro engine, non toglieteci il lavoro! 😭

e dopo tutto sto casino hanno fatto un gioco del cazzo che potevano tranquillamente fare pure di raw opengl 😀

Che brutta gente… avrebbero fatto piu’ bella figura a starsi zitti e a spammare su twitter con la hashtag #madewithunity come fanno tutte le persone serie senza complessi di inferiorita’ 8)

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